Automated DOCSIS/Euro DOCSIS Cable Modem Software Testing Solutions for High-Volume Cable Operators and 3PL Companies.

Cable Plant Monitoring

Cable Plant Monitoring (CPM) is a real-time network device management tool for your DOCSIS network. CPM handles all of your DOCSIS devices, proactively monitoring networks and devices, now utilizing Proactive Network Maintenance to prevent issues before they impact your network. You can readily see network problems, troubleshoot customer access issues, and easily deal with difficult management efforts, including upgrading CPE firmware on a very large scale.

CPE Atlas

CPE Atlas - The next generation of CPE tester includes GPON, DOCSIS, Routers and DSL devices. All device types can be tested on CPE Atlas in any combination. This solves the problem of how to handle multiple device types in a single tester. All devices are tested in parallel, so maximum production can be achieved.

Set-Top Box Test Platform

Set-Top Box Test Platform (STBTP) is a complete functional broadband network monitoring solution designed for the highest volume testing requirements. With only the highest-quality, highest-speed components, STBTP is the ultimate tool for accurate, high-demand testing of set top boxes. With support for satellite, DAC-based and DVB-based set-tops, STBTP is the solution that never leaves you unsatisfied.

Cable Modem Test Platform v2

Cable Modem Test Platform (CMTP) is a SNMP-based tool designed to test the functionality of DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS cable modems, Wireless CMs and EMTAs. This system allows MSOs, Cable Modem Manufacturers and Independent Test Laboratories to perform broadband network monitoring and testing verification on any cable modem-based device.

Wireless Router Test Platform

Wireless Router Test Platform (WRTP) is a high-performance  router testing solution designed for the highest volume testing requirements.  WRTP is a powerful tool for accurate, simple-to-operate testing of wireless routers. With support for TR069 through Promptlink's own ACS, WRTP is the solution that gives you the ultimate power and productivity. Support for DSL, standalone routers and Access Points, WRTP is a proven winner.

Integrated Provisioning System

Integrated Provisioning System (IPS) is an enterprise application that helps you operate your DOCSIS network efficiently, thereby controlling costs, while also increasing the uptime of your cable Internet resources, leading to more satisfied customers and reduced churn. IPS easily and quickly handles all of your automated DOCSIS testing solution needs with the powerful simplicity of all Promptlink products, with support for DOCSIS 3.1 coming in the near future.