Set-Top Box Automation Testing Platform

High-Volume Automated STB Testing Systems

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Promptlink’s Set-Top Box Test Platform (STBTP) is a complete functional testing solution designed for the highest volume testing requirements. With only the highest-quality, highest-speed components, STBTP is the ultimate tool for accurate, high-demand testing of any set top boxes. With support for IPTV, satellite, DAC and DVB-based set-tops, STBTP is the solution that never leaves you unsatisfied.

Beating the Competition

Promptlink’s high-volume STB testing systems give you the ultimate advantage: the knowledge and tools for accurately performing Set-Top Box Automation testing on equipment at the highest possible rate, without sacrificing the completeness of the analysis.

High-Volume STB Testing Systems

High-Volume Set-Top Box Testing System Features

  • Efficient and speedy testing, thereby controlling operational costs
  • Maximum uptime, helping to increase throughput
  • Minimum technical training required for testing personnel, lowering labor costs
  • Complete suite of tests without sacrificing throughput
  • Ultimate mobility with portable rolling racks, to allow for offline loading and unloading of equipment
  • Innovative handheld scanners provide test results independent from the test location

High Speed Set Top Box Automation Tester Functions

  • Scans devices into the testing database
  • Initializes the STB for testing
  • Checks the device state
  • Test IR Remote functions
  • Pushes multiple video and audio streams through the device
  • Test multiple frequencies (up to 12)
  • Checks all outputs and resolutions (native resolutions)
  • Tests DVR where applicable
  • Validate firmware version
  • Stores data for later analysis

STB Testing Platform Modular Design

The STBTP system is a turnkey and modular system. This means that hardware nodes can easily be replaced without compromising throughput, since other nodes continue to operate. Redundant power and Data Center-quality servers ensure maximum uptime.

Repeatable and Reproducible

The key to any reliable and professional grade testing is that these two principles can be demonstrated. Promptlink’s Set Top Box Automation Testing Platform reflects 20 years of testing experience at the highest standards in the industry.

STBTP Demonstration Video

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Promptlink's STBTP is the Pinnacle of Fast, Accurate and Dependable Automation Testing Tools for Set-Top Box.