Testing Advanced, All-in-one Set-Top Boxes

Traditional set-top boxes had few challenges associated with their testing – it could be done universally and offline, and only video, DVR and audio testing were required. Authentication and functionality testing were simple and local, requiring only a Smartcard or similar method.

That’s no longer the case!

Today’s newer, IP-based set-top boxes come with a variety of challenges:

Supported by hardened, secure back-ends

Cannot easily be run in test or simulated-live modes

Utilize newer technology like Wi-Fi and more

Fortunately, Promptlink has the expertise, adaptability and newest technology to get the job done.

Promptlink’s High-Volume STB Testing Systems provide the following benefits:

High-quality, high-speed components

Accurate, high-demand testing

Support for IPTV, satellite, DAC and DVB-based STBs

Maximum uptime, increasing throughput

Minimal, cost-effective training needed to operate

Innovative, handheld scanners act as mini test screens

Key Functions:

Scans devices into testing database

Initializes the STB and checks the device state

Tests multiple frequencies

Pushes multiple video and audio streams through device

Checks ancillary services like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc.

Checks all outputs, resolutions and DVR where applicable

Validates firmware

Stores data for later analysis

Tests remote function

Promptlink’s solution, which leverages two decades of testing experience, is modular and turnkey, providing repeatable, accurate and reproducible results. It’s simply the pinnacle of fast, accurate and dependable STB testing.

Set-Top Box Test Platform

High-Volume STB Testing Systems

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