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Network NoiseHawk—Hearing, Not Just Listening

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Promptlink Communications Announces Network NoiseHawk™

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Broadband Network Noise Problems

Promptlink's Network NoiseHawk solves the ongoing problem of network noise or cable ingress detection and localization in the cable network. This problem has plagued DOCSIS HFC Networks for years, with limited tools available to find the problem area of the network. Whether it is a bad amplifier, bad tap or coupler, or a customer’s home, finding such issues usually involves many expensive hours spent driving around and searching for the damaged piece of equipment.

Competitors not Pinpointing the Problem

Current competitive solutions make you invest in expensive hardware to deploy in cable headends, and do not truly localize the upstream noise or ingress source. Promptlink Network NoiseHawk can work with a signal leakage detector, utilizing a Patent-Pending algorithm to analyze multiple sources of data, such as PNM (Proactive Network Maintenance) and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) polling data, collected by Promptlink's Cable Plant Monitoring (CPM), to perform the cable ingress detection and HFC noise localization as finely as to a specific amplifier. Our broadband network noise diagnostic software for HFC cable plants is perfect for what you need in pinpointing the problem.

A Smarter Solution

Utilizing system maps and network hierarchy, combined with this algorithm, such pinpoint accuracy can be achieved. NOC personnel can use CPM's Alarm Dashboard functionality to find signal leakage or noisy components, then can direct technicians to the source.

Broadband Network Noise Diagnostic Software for HFC Cable Plants

Additional tools allow for studying the characteristics of Upstream channels for cable ingress detection or other upstream noise pinpointing in a cable line:

as well as Upstream SNR history:

Network NoiseHawk Network Noise Diagnostic Software
Pinpointing Network Noise with Network NoiseHawk Diagnostic Software

In the Palm of Your Hand

Network NoiseHawk isn't just fast, smart and inexpensive! It is an HFC Noise and signal leakage detector that is convenient and simple to use.

A technician need only carry a mobile phone, where they can easily access the location in the plant where the cable ingress or other upstream noise is originating from. We provide the highest quality broadband network noise diagnostic software for HFC cable plant problems, and we will make sure to help you solve your noise issues.

Promptlink's software-only HFC Noise localization and cable ingress detection solution takes the guesswork out as well as the endless hunting for signal leakage or other upstream noise sources.

Budgetary Bonanza

By reducing the time and number of technicians it takes to locate noise on the plant, Promptlink Network NoiseHawk reduces truck rolls, ladder moves, time to completion as well as labor costs, as problems are solved quickly and easily without the CapEx expenditure of extra headend equipment. Fewer problems means higher customer satisfaction and lower inbound call volume. The ROI is amazingly positive and short.

See for Yourself

See how Network NoiseHawk can provide a solution to cable ingress detection and noise localization in your cable plant. The best way to experience it is to try it for yourself.
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Network NoiseHawk—Hearing, Not Just Listening

Network NoiseHawkAI

Network NoiseHawkAI takes the analysis out of the equation - Noise and Impairment Localization (NAIL) Reports are automatically generated and sent directly to a technician or dispatcher, directing them to the network component causing the noise. Promptlink NoiseHawkAI's analysis engine does the work of analyzing multiple datapoints and presenting the root cause for easy repair. NoiseHawkAI can even guide your techs through the steps to diagnose and repair the issue. Cable ingress detection and other HFC noise localization and correction can be done painlessly, saving network operators incredible amounts of money.

What is NoiseHawkAI?

Promptlink's NoiseHawkAI is an HFC network noise localization automation solution that takes the best of Network NoiseHawk and makes it simple and fast to implement through complete automation. Prepackaged hybrid fiber coaxial network noise (NAIL) reports show technicians exactly where the cable signal leakage or other noise source is and when to go to fix those challenging RF noise issues.

  • NAIL reports are automatically generated.
  • Prepackaged noise reports are ready for dispatch.
  • Identifies location, time and type of noise, along with instructions on the network component that is the most likely source.
  • Can be on-demand or generated automatically based on alerts.
  • System map overlays show which network components to work on and provides real-time updates to show whether the maintenance was successful.
  • The AI engine learns continuously, further refining accuracy.
  • HFC noise, including cable ingress detection and localization is accomplished using the NoiseHawkAI tool.

Massive Immediate Savings!

NoiseHawkAI saves operators money instantly in the following areas:

  • Provides instant feedback to prevent swapping of perfectly good CPE, even before the Noise issue is resolved
  • Saves on truck rolls @ $125/each to customer homes.
  • Prevents cost of refurbishing CPE and No Trouble Found (NTF) fees - over 80% of technician-returned CPE are fully functional @$8-12 each just for Clean & Screen.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase inventory to replace the in-transit CPE going to and from refurbishment centers - even more critical with today's component shortages.
  • Reduces churn and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Even more savings can be found with quick cable ingress detection and other HFC noise detection and localization.
  • Plant maintenance technicians can solve the issue in one stop in most cases, reducing additional truck rolls @$125/each × 8 trips on average.
  • Call center traffic is reduced as customers are not disconnected during the troubleshooting process.
  • Plant maintenance technicians are freed up for more proactive tasks, rather than spending 75% of time chasing noise issues.
  • Customer satisfaction improves as extended low Quality of Experience (QoE) periods are avoided.

These are a few of the immediate cost-savings that can be recognized with NoiseHawkAI.

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