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Network NoiseHawk—Hearing, Not Just Listening

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Promptlink Communications Announces Network NoiseHawk™

Broadband Network Noise Problems

Promptlink's Network NoiseHawk solves the ongoing problem of pinpointing network noise in the cable network. This problem has plagued DOCSIS HFC Networks for years, with limited tools available to find the problem area of the network. Whether it is a bad amplifier, bad tap or coupler, finding such issues usually involves many expensive hours spent driving around and searching for the damaged piece of equipment.

Competitors not Pinpointing the Problem

Current competitive solutions make you invest in expensive hardware to deploy in cable headends, and do not truly localize the noise source. Promptlink Network NoiseHawk utilizes a Patent-Pending algorithm to analyze multiple sources of data, such as PNM and SNMP polling data, collected by Promptlink's Cable Plant Monitoring (CPM), to pinpoint the source of the problem as finely as a specific amplifier.

A Smarter Solution

Utilizing system maps and network hierarchy, combined with this algorithm, such pinpoint accuracy can be achieved. NOC personnel can use CPM's Alarm Dashboard functionality to find noise-related issues, then can direct technicins to the source.

Additional tools allow for studying the characteristics of Upstream channels:

as well as Upstream SNR history:

In the Palm of Your Hand

Network NoiseHawk isn't just fast, smart and inexpensive! It is convenient and simple to use.

A technician need only carry a mobile phone, where she can easily access the location in the plant where the noise is originating from.

Promptlink's software-only solution takes the guesswork out as well as the endless hunting for noise sources.

Budgetary Bonanza

By reducing the time and number of technicians it takes to locate noise on the plant, Promptlink Network NoiseHawk reduces truck rolls, ladder moves, time to completion as well as labor costs, as problems are solved quickly and easily without the CapEx expenditure of extra headend equipment. Fewer problems means higher customer satisfaction and lower inbound call volume. The ROI is amazingly positive and short.

See for Yourself

See how Network NoiseHawk can pinpoint noise in your cable plant. The best way to experience it is to try it for yourself.
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Network NoiseHawk—Hearing, Not Just Listening