CPE Atlas

Introducing CPE Atlas – Offering GPON, DOCSIS, DSL, and Wireless Broadband CPE Testing in a for Operations of all Sizes.

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CPE Atlas offers the maximum of 20 parallel testing positions for all types of broadband CPE, from GPON, XGS-PON, DOCSIS, and Wireless routers, to DSL, Powerline and other CPE types. As with all CPE Atlas versions, the original CPE Atlas offers Promptlink’s patented shielded Wi-Fi testing, which allows for lab-quality Wi-Fi bandwidth testing, up to Wi-Fi 6e, with Wi-Fi 7 support coming soon.

CPE Atlas is a member of Promptlink's CPE Atlas Family - the suite of IPTV, DOCSIS and PON bandwidth and functionality testers.
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Maximum Functionality at Maximum Scale

The well-traveled CPE Atlas gives you everything you expect from CPE Atlas Family. This includes testing of GPON (FTTH) CPE, DOCSIS and DSL CPE, plus the ability to upgrade firmware during testing. Whether you are a 3PL, a network operator or test lab, CPE Atlas gives you the flexibility to test the biggest deployments or whatever volume is required. Our Atlas CPE test software gives you a 20-position, parallel testing option that provides a complete and customizable test suite for refurbishment or lab testing.

Test any CPE in any Combination

CPE Atlas also provides the full functional testing of devices in a 20-position tester that can be "daisy-chained" to meet any volume needs. You can test the latest technology in any combination of DSL, PON, DOCSIS and wireless routers, all at the same time on the same CPE tester, in any combination. CPE Atlas supports complete functional testing, using a CMTS, an OLT, or a DSLAM to provide a fully functional closed environment for refurbishing or qualification of network CPE devices.

Full Reporting

The same APIs and built-in reporting are also included in CPE Atlas, providing the user with a complete record of all CPE tests, as well and the ability to either export data or simply use the APIs to pull data into another system.

CPE Atlas functionality is now available for any size operator or refurbishment operation.

High Volume Wi-Fi CPE Testing

CPE Atlas Demo Video

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CPE Atlas was designed for automated firmware upgrades and device testing. With the addition of parallel testing, the entire testing process runs in batch mode, testing up to 20 devices automatically and in parallel. No other competitive CPE tester comes close to this throughput for mass testing of devices.

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