Network NoiseHawk
Pinpointing Network Noise

Most network noise issues are not located on the first try.

Diagnosing noise issues leads to inbound customer calls and equipment swaps. Each time a feed is disconnected, a large percentage of customers will call and report an outage.

Resources spent finding noise are resources not being used to meet other plant maintenance needs.

Customer feedback tells us that 40% of plant maintenance resources are being used to locate noise in the plant.

Current industry practice is to roll a truck and climb up a ladder to manually measure for noise from one end of a node to the other.

It takes 20-40 minutes for each ladder move and an average of 6 moves per incident, multiplied by each $100 truck roll.

80-90% of all field-returned customer (CPE) equipment is NOT defective.

Each returned CPE has a cost of $8-$12 for "Clean-and-Screen.”

The Software-Only Solution

A Smarter Solution

Analyze information faster with CPM’s intuitive Alarm Dashboard.

Pinpoint the Problem

Network NoiseHawk measures an entire node in seconds and accurately pinpoints where noise is entering the network.

In the Palm of Your Hand

Access noise location and information directly from a smart phone.

Budgetary Bonanza

Reduce ladder moves, reduce time and reduce costs by solving problems faster, so technicians can move on to the next job.

Network NoiseHawk

Network NoiseHawk—Hearing, Not Just Listening

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