Integrated Provisioning System

Robust Operational Tool for MSO Networks

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Integrated Provisioning System (IPS) is a robust operational tool for use in active, dynamic provisioning of DOCSIS cable modems and PacketCable™ devices. Promptlink’s IPS application software supports common provisioning functions, such as dynamic IP address assignment using DHCP, domain name server configurations, and the generation and management of CM configuration files, plus Service and Subscriber Management.

IPS Overview

IPS is an enterprise application that helps you operate your DOCSIS network efficiently, thereby controlling costs, while also increasing the up-time of your cable Internet resources, leading to more satisfied customers and reduced churn. The bottom line is that our software and integrated cable modem provisioning system for MSO networks helps you run a more profitable business.

IPS is a full system solution providing the capabilities to:


Promptlink’s IPS is designed as a scalable, integrated cable modem provisioning system for MSO networks (Multiple System Operators’ (MSO)). IPS offers MSOs the important benefits of:


Provides all provisioning services:

  • A comprehensive DHCP Service
  • An integrated TFTP server and integrated TOD functions
  • Dynamic DNS update service.

Supports Provisioning for DOCSIS devices up to DOCSIS 3.0 and soon DOCSIS 3.1

Supports Voice Provisioning for PacketCable devices.

Manages logical information associated with delivery of services, including:

  • Subscriber data
  • Account data
  • Service data.

Facilitates management through a service creation template.

IPS Integration

We don’t limit our specialty to just an integrated cable modem provisioning system for MSO networks, we are your go-to for systems integration. Promptlink’s IPS becomes an even more powerful tool when used in conjunction with Promptlink's Cable Plant Monitoring (CPM). When integrated with CPM, the combined tools provides a single source management application for all of your:

  • Subscriber Information
  • Device Information
  • Provisioning Information
  • Network devices

IPS can also integrate with other systems through an extensive library of API’s, allowing provisioning to occur from IPS or other applications.

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