Frequently Asked Questions About Promptlink's Broadband Testing and Network Monitoring Solutions

Is Promptlink testing software available to the public?

Promptlink sells solutions for Internet Providers, manufacturers, equipment testers and 3rd-Party 3PL/4PL Logistics companies

Does Promptlink have local resellers?

We do have resellers in many regions, depending on the product you are interested in. Please Contact us for your local reseller, or to have Promptlink contact you directly.

What types of Customer Premise Equipment can Promptlink's CPE ATLAS test?

CPE ATLAS can test DSL, DOCSIS cable modems, PacketCable/SIP EMTA voice devices, PON and GPON fiber ONT/ONU devices, wired and wireless standalone Wi-Fi routers, Powerline and MoCA devices, and even 4G/LTE Wi-Fi router devices.

Can Promptlink CPE test solutions be used on a live plant?

While most installations are independent of a live or production plant, Promptlink does have solutions to run production environment deployments. These are ideal for deployments to retail stores, malls or other areas where self-service or distributed test environments are needed.

Can CPE ATLAS only perform high-volume screening of devices for refurbishment? What about lab certification testing?

CPE ATLAS was initially designed for high-volume screening of devices, testing 20 devices at a time. Due to popular demand, we have designed a CPE ATLAS Mini product, which offers advanced, scaled-down testing or certification of devices in a smaller footprint, supporting 4 devices in parallel. Please Contact Us for more information about this product.

Does CPE ATLAS provide a shielded environment for Wi-Fi testing?

One of the main new and innovative features in CPE ATLAS is the Wi-Fi shielding provided by the "Faraday Cages" surrounding each testing cell. The shielding allows for Wi-Fi bandwidth testing and other Wi-Fi tests, even in a crowded environment with many Wi-Fi signals.

I have older Promptlink products like CMTP (Cable Modem Test Platform) version 1, WRTP (Wireless Router Test Platform), and DSL Test Platform. Are these products still supported?

While we currently support these test platforms, they will all be end-of-life products within the next 12-14 months. We are offering favorable upgrade paths to CPE ATLAS, which offers improved support for all of the devices supported in Legacy products. Contact us to see how we can upgrade you to the latest technology at an affordable price.

What types of Set Top Boxes can Promptlink's Set-Top Box Test Platform (STBTP) test?

STBTP can test IPTV boxes, DAC, and DVB-C, DVB-S and other DVB STB. STBTP can test standalone or by interfacing to existing testing infrastructure.

How many STBs can be tested in parallel on the Set-Top Box Test Platform (STBTP)?

16 boxes can be tested at the same time, 8 per each rolling rack.

With Promptlink Network NoiseHawk, do I need to add any special hardware to my HFC network?

No, NoiseHawk works with a server installed in your network, with visibility to the various network components. No additional hardware needs to be installed in the headend nor used by field technicians.

Will Network NoiseHawk work in my new Remote PHY network?

Since Network NoiseHawk does not depend on hardware connections to the RF network, it should be unaffected by the change to an R-PHY infrastructure.

Does NoiseHawk need to replace my current Network Monitoring System (NMS) or can it be complementary to my existing NMS?

Since Network NoiseHawk runs as part of the Promptlink Cable Plant Monitoring (CPM) system, it can be run in parallel to an existing NMS or can completely replace your NMS - the choice is yours. CPM is a full-featured Broadband NMS system with support for DOCSIS and GPON devices, also offering Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) and the exclusive Upstream Noise Localization with Network NoiseHawk.

Can I link data from Promptlink software solutions to my existing Business Intelligence (BI) and other systems?

All Promptlink software products offer API options to connect to existing systems. These APIs can link to Billing Systems, Centralized Event Collection systems or Business Intelligence systems. Any external application can utilize these APIs.