Promptlink Communications Announces Launch of Wireless Router Test Platform With Promptlink ACS for TR069 Management

December 15, 2013

New Product Expands Product Line to Support Wireless Router Testing

Oceanside, CA - December 15, 2013 - Promptlink Communications, a leading provider of software applications for the testing and management of broadband networks and equipment, today announced the introduction of the Wireless Router Test Platform (WRTP) to support the testing of any wireless router, access point or hotspot.

The WRTP product broadens the Promptlink product portfolio, building on the DSL device testing product introduced in 2009. In addition to wireless support, Promptlink has created a Promptlink-branded Auto Configuration Server (ACS) in order to control and manage TR069-based devices. This ACS allows the WRTP system to test virtually any wireless or wired device, including TR069-based devices.

Promptlink’s Wireless Router Test Platform tests devices across a wide spectrum of parameters designed to separate devices that fail to meet operator and manufacturer standards from those that will perform well in customer homes. This testing includes connectivity and throughput testing of all physical ports, as well as wireless security, SSID, and wireless connectivity for all wireless protocol, up to and including wireless AC.

By correctly identifying “problem” devices, operators can significantly reduce expenses incurred by circulating defective equipment to their customers, as well as reduce No Problem Found (NPF) charges that can be assessed by device vendors during the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process. Promptlink’s WRTP has filled the market need for a single, robust test platform to test all varieties of routers, access points, and other TR069-based standalone devices.

Dr. Foad Towfiq, president and founder of Promptlink Communications, said, “This new test product enhances the testing options open to our customer base, and provides an opportunity for Promptlink to expand into new markets. Promptlink is proud to respond to our customer requests for this product, and look forward to continuing our tradition of providing value-added products to an ever-expanding customer base.”

This product is now available to operators and device manufacturers worldwide.

About Promptlink Communications

Promptlink Communications has been providing software and system integration solutions to the broadband industry since 1994. Promptlink Communications is an innovative company with a focus on the development and deployment of tools for broadband network service providers. Promptlink customers have included all major telecommunications operators in the Americas and around the world. Promptlink Communications is a privately held company headquartered in Oceanside, California. Promptlink offices can be found in North America, Latin America, and Europe.

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