Promptlink to Assist Cable Operators to Maintain Internet Service Availability During COVID-19 Crisis

June 1, 2020

Promptlink Remote Network NoiseHawk Managed Service Add-on to be Offered to Cable Operator Customers Free for a Limited Time to Address Network Noise Issues

Oceanside, CA. - June 1, 2020 - Promptlink Communications, Inc., a leading provider of software applications for the management and testing of broadband networks and equipment, today announced an initiative to assist Cable Operators to quickly locate sources of upstream noise in their network with minimal analysis during the COVID-19 crisis. Internet networks are heavily impacted by an increase in bandwidth utilization as many people are working and gaming from home. Promptlink has developed a “Remote Network NoiseHawk” enhancement to Network NoiseHawk, eliminating the initial step of detecting, diagnosing, and locating HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) network noise. Promptlink analysts will prepackage “noise analysis reports” that direct network technicians to specific network component(s) affected by network noise that is impacting customers. Utilizing patent-pending algorithms to analyze data, Network NoiseHawk accurately pinpoints network noise and geographically displays it for Cable Operators, allowing for quick correction of noise issues. Remote Network NoiseHawk’s service-assist offering removes the diagnostic step from the process, freeing up Cable Operator resources to attack other network issues.

COVID-19 Crisis Assistance

Promptlink will offer this Managed Service add-on to Network NoiseHawk customers for no charge for the first 90 days to assist during the COVID-19 crisis. The simplified process saves time, money and precious resources, while optimizing performance on the overloaded DOCSIS networks that are coping with unprecedented customer traffic. This product eases the burden on network operators and gives customers a better internet experience during these difficult times.

“Promptlink is proud to demonstrate our commitment to serve our Common Humanity during this difficult time with this free service and to continue our company’s mission helping our customers in any way possible,” said Dr. Foad Towfiq, President and CEO of Promptlink Communications. “This safely minimizes technician time spent outside the office and will keep consumers happy with their internet service during the COVID-19 crisis. As our customers are deemed Essential Services, we feel we must extend a helping hand.”

Remote Network NoiseHawk’s service-assist offering can be implemented with minimal intrusiveness into a DOCSIS network and can be up-and-running within a short period of time.

About Promptlink Communications

Promptlink Communications has been providing software and system integration solutions to the broadband industry since 1994. Promptlink Communications is an innovative company with a focus on the development and deployment of tools for broadband network service providers. Promptlink customers have included all major telecommunications operators in the Americas and around the world. Promptlink Communications is a privately held company headquartered in Oceanside, California. Promptlink offices can be found in North America, Latin America, and Europe.

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