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Facts & Figures

Fixed Broadband Internet Access in 2017

In 2017, almost 327 million U.S. households had fixed broadband internet access, the most popular way of accessing the internet in the United States.

Wi-Fi as Primary Connected Technology

76% of North American broadband households use Wi-Fi as their primary connected technology.

60% of Households Use Broadband Service Provider’s Networking Router

60% of U.S. broadband households with a networking router received that device from their broadband service provider.

Connected Home Devices Sales Increase in 2020

Annual sales of all connected home devices were $90.97 billion in 2020 (Statista).

83% of American Use the Internet

Of the 83% of Americans who use the internet, at least occasionally using a smartphone, tablet or other device – 89% go online daily and 31% go online almost constantly.

37% of U.S. Broadband Users Report Their Wi-Fi Network Seems Slow

As such, it’s not a stretch to realize that 37% of U.S. broadband households report that their Wi-Fi network seems slow.

The Problem
for Cable and Telco Operators

Wi-Fi Hardware Support

Operators today all offer some sort of WI-FI hardware, either a combined device (modem + Wi-Fi router + phone), or separate devices for Wi-Fi and Internet/phone.

Operators Need Quick and Affordable Process to Ensure Consistent Wi-Fi Performance

Forced to compete with each other, operators need a quick and affordable process to ensure consistent WI-FI performance in customer’s Wi-Fi centric homes.

Operators Requalify Recycled Devices To Ensure Performance

Broadband operators must “requalify” their own devices as they are recycled from one customer to the next to ensure they’re working properly.

Test Facilities Have densest Wi-Fi Signals

Test facilities for Wi-Fi have some of the densest WI-FI signals, due to the sheer number of devices under test.

Shielded Wi-Fi Environment Is Critical to Accurate Testing and Recertification

A shielded Wi-Fi environment is critical to accurate testing and recertification.


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