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Promptlink Communications Demonstrates the Network NoiseHawk at SCTE 2019 in New Orleans

The Network NoiseHawk is a revolutionary, software-only solution that directs cable technicians to the source of network noise on the cable plant.

Promptlink Communications Meets Customers at Cable-Tec Expo 2019 in New Orleans

Promptlink Communications representatives meet with customers and prospects at SCTE 2019 and hear how Promptlink's Network NoiseHawk and CPE Testing Platforms are helping to transform their businesses.

Promptlink SCTE Cable-Tec 2019 Tradeshow Overview

At SCTE Cable-Tec 2019 in New Orleans, the Promptlink team talks about and shows Network NoiseHawk, designed to precisely locate noise within a DOCSIS cable plant and testing platforms like CPE Atlas and Set-Top Box Test Platform, designed for high-volume testing of STB, DOCSIS 3.1 devices, GPON ONT, DSL, and wireless routers.

Promptlink CEO is interviewed by Advanced Television

Promptlink tell Advanced Television about their Network NoiseHawk solution and other developments in test and monitoring.

Network NoiseHawk - Hearing, Not Just Listening

Network Noisehawk by Promptlink Communications is a smarter, software-only solution that allows you to pinpoint the source of network noise in your cable plant, right from your smartphone.

Learn more about Network Noisehawk

CPE ATLAS Demo Video

Promptlink’s CPE ATLAS is a next-generation SNMP-based tool designed to test the functionality of DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS cable modems, wireless routers, DSL and GPON devices.

Learn more about CPE ATLAS

STBTP Demonstration Video

Promptlink’s Set-Top Box Test Platform is a complete functional testing solution designed for the highest volume testing requirements.

Learn more about Set-Top Box Test Platform

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Broadband Linkup: How Technology is Improving the Broadband User Experience

Chris Boring, VP, Sales and Marketing

Internet is the key to everything in this business, because everything flows through it.”

Chris Boring
VP, Sales and Marketing, Promptlink Communications

Communications have fundamentally changed since the implementation of broadband services; today, customer expectations are that communication is instant and clear.

Broadband Linkup: El mundo está más dependiente al wifi. ¿Lo podemos diagnosticar apropriadamente?

David Mosquera, Director, Latin American Sales

Antes de enviar un equipo a la calle para ser instalado, debemos diagnosticarlo claramente para asegurarnos que este funcionando al 100%.”

David Mosquera
Director, Latin American Sales, Promptlink Communications

David Mosquera, director de ventas de Promptlink Communications para el mercado latinoamericano, nos habla sobre el crecimiento de la tecnología de telecomunicaciones en Latinoamérica y cómo los hogares y oficinas de hoy en día dependen de una conexión de wifi estable.

Broadband Linkup: More ISPs Are Offering ‘White Glove’ Wi-Fi Service for Better Consumer Experience

Chris Boring, VP, Sales and Marketing

There's so many things that can affect Wi-Fi signals and I don't think people are aware of them. They are basically a radio wave and the faster the radio wave, the more sensitive it is.”

Chris Boring
VP, Sales and Marketing, Promptlink Communications

Here’s a hypothetical for you: At home, would you rather have electricity or Wi-Fi internet? It’s not necessarily a “chicken or the egg” scenario with today’s advanced wireless solutions. On this episode of Broadband Linkup by Promptlink Communications, host Sean Heath sat down with Chris Boring, Promptlink’s vice president of sales and marketing, to discuss all things Wi-Fi.

Broadband Linkup: How to Detect Noise in Cable Communications

Foad Towfiq, CEO, Promptlink Communications

In many cases, the small details are the ones giving you the right information.”

Foad Towfiq
CEO, Promptlink Communications

On this episode of Broadband Linkup we discuss pinpointing and troubleshooting the noise transmitted through cable modems with Foad Towfiq, President and CEO of Promptlink Communications.

Broadband Linkup: What to Watch for at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo

Chris Boring, VP, Sales and Marketing

SCTE is the chance to show whatever is out there or talk about it in a workshop; it's the key place.”

Chris Boring
VP, Sales and Marketing, Promptlink Communications

Chris Boring, VP of Sales and Marketing at Promptlink, discusses the upcoming SCTE CABLE-TEC 2019 Show in New Orleans and what visitors can expect to see at the show and at the Promptlink booth. Chris talks about the Network NoiseHawk and Promptlink Test Platforms that will be on exhibit at the Promptlink booth.

Broadband LinkUp: Cable-Tec Attendees Have Been ‘Out of Control Amazed’ with Network NoiseHawk

Foad Towfiq, CEO, Promptlink Communications

SCTE is the best way to present our product, because they can really use it, play with it, move the source of noise and see how it changes.”

Foad Towfiq
CEO, Promptlink Communications

For veteran tradeshow attendees, sometimes it’s difficult to inspire a real wow-worthy moment on the show floor. On today’s episode of Broadband Linkup by Promptlink Communications, host Sean Heath caught up with Promptlink Communications’ Foad Towfiq and Chris Boring at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2019 in New Orleans to discuss the launch of Network NoiseHawk and share impressions from the pre-eminent cable telecommunications event.

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What is broadband network noise and why is it difficult to find?

Setting up a broadband network for your business requires a lot of forethought and planning to ensure that it works optimally. There are several considerations that should be made when setting up your broadband network; failing to address these can lead to a whole host of issues that are likely to hamper your network performance and may also negatively impact your business operations and processes. Of the various issues that could affect a network, one of the most prevalent and challenging to manage is broadband network noise.

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How Do You Measure Network Health and Performance

It is important to regularly assess the health and performance of your network, as this has a significant impact on the success of your business.

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Best Broadband Network Performance Monitoring Software

Using network performance monitoring tools enables you to take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach in managing your network. Identifying and addressing potential issues rapidly before they can impact your business operations can save time and money.

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End User Wi-Fi: Facts and Figures

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