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Network NoiseHawk - Hearing, Not Just Listening

Network Noisehawk by Promptlink Communications is a smarter, software-only solution that allows you to pinpoint the source of network noise in your cable plant, right from your smartphone.

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STBTP Demonstration Video

Promptlink’s Set-Top Box Test Platform is a complete functional testing solution designed for the highest volume testing requirements.

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CPE ATLAS Demo Video

Promptlink’s CPE ATLAS is a next-generation SNMP-based tool designed to test the functionality of DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS cable modems, wireless routers, DSL and GPON devices.

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Promptlink CEO is interviewed by Advanced Television

Promptlink tell Advanced Television about their Network NoiseHawk solution and other developments in test and monitoring.


Broadband Linkup: How Technology is Improving the Broadband User Experience

Communications have fundamentally changed since the implementation of broadband services; today, customer expectations are that communication is instant and clear.

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Broadband Linkup: El mundo está más dependiente al wifi. ¿Lo podemos diagnosticar apropriadamente?

David Mosquera, director de ventas de Promptlink Communications para el mercado latinoamericano, nos habla sobre el crecimiento de la tecnología de telecomunicaciones en Latinoamérica y cómo los hogares y oficinas de hoy en día dependen de una conexión de wifi estable.

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Broadband Linkup: More ISPs Are Offering ‘White Glove’ Wi-Fi Service for Better Consumer Experience


How Do You Measure Network Health and Performance

It is important to regularly assess the health and performance of your network, as this has a significant impact on the success of your business. A poorly performing network can impair normal business processes and operations, reducing your business productivity and ultimately, its profitability.

To accurately get a measurement of your network performance, some possible indicators that should be assessed are:

  • Network bandwidth: This is a measure of the maximum capacity of your network; it is the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted between two points across the internet. The higher your network bandwidth, the better its performance.
  • Throughput: This is the amount of data processed by a network at any given point in time. The more data processed by the network over a defined period of time, the higher its performance.
  • Individual device performance: This relates to how individual devices are able to take advantage of the bandwidth and throughput capabilities of the overall network. This is how your customer will judge and measure your network performance.

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End User Wi-Fi: Facts and Figures